Dearborn Station

Randy Brecker, DePaul University Jazz Ensemble

2015, Jazzed Media

Track List

  1. Squids
  2. Well, You Needn't
  3. On Green Dolphin Street
  4. You're in My Heart
  5. Infant Eyes
  6. It's You or No One
  7. Cathy's Song
  8. Tina's Glass Nickel
  9. Blues in Hoss' Flat


A dynamic and brilliant performance by jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker with the acclaimed DePaul University Jazz Ensemble, beautifully captured in a ‘live’ recording at Chicago s
legendary Jazz Showcase. Impressive arrangements and an electric
performance combine to create a recording of note.

The unparalleled intensity and swagger of featured trumpet soloist Randy Brecker combines with the critically acclaimed DePaul University Jazz Ensemble in a dynamic ‘live’ concert performance at Chicago s legendary Jazz Showcase. The brilliant performance of trumpeter/composer Randy Brecker and the DePaul Jazz Ensemble is beautifully captured, with the audience at the venerable jazz club adding to the electricity and excitement of the moment.

Randy Brecker is featured as trumpet soloist and composer with the exceptional DePaul University Jazz Ensemble. Brecker solos on six selections, demonstrating his brilliant technique and harmonic ingenuity.
Particularly notable is the dynamic, up-tempo performance of It s You On No One, with Jazz Ensemble director/trumpeter Bob Lark and Randy Brecker exchanging heated solo trumpet phrases. Student soloists of note include tenor saxophonists Corbin Andrick and Andrew Janak; alto saxophonists Brent Griffin and J.T. Teichert; pianist Scott Williams; and trombonist Brian Scarborough.

Beautifully crafted arrangements from DePaul students, faculty and alumni, and original tunes by Randy Brecker (Squids & You re In My Heart).

Especially notable are DePaul student arrangers Corbin Andrick (On Green
Dolphin Street) and Andrew Janak (Squids), and faculty members Thomas
Matta (It s You Or No One; Cathy s Song) and Joseph Clark (Well, You Needn t).